NOW ON AMAZON ~ DVDs & Digital Download of "Kirtan Peace Vibrations"


Thanks to our friends at "Mantra Music Box", you can now buy either a copy of our DVD, "Kirtan Peace Vibrations" on or digitally download the video on Amazon Video Direct.  

AMAZON - Just click on these links:

DVD - "Kirtan Peace Vibrations"   -  Get your DVD disc on Amazon for $17.99 and share it with your friends and family today.  Please write a review after your purchase of the DVD.  We'd love to hear from you.

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - "Kirtan Peace Vibrations" - Now you can digitally download the video from Amazon Video Direct for only $12.99 and watch it on any device.  Please note that only Prime Members of Amazon who have made previous purchases of over $50.00 can write a review after purchasing their digital download. 

Thank you so much!  Please spread the word and help us share the beauty of Kirtan Peace Vibrations!

Aloha and Namaste!

Annette Laborte