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Yoga By The Sea And "Live" Transcendental Flow Music

  • Oxnard Beach Oxnard, CA (map)

Join us for a peaceful Saturday morning of Yoga By The Sea and "Live" transcendental flow music with Annette and Dee of Spirit Soul And Friends.  We meet here every 3rd Saturday each month and it is always a joy and a pleasure to work with the incredible Hatha Yoga Instructor, Marketa Huelskamp and the beautiful yogis of Ventura.

Join us in this SPECIAL Event ~ 9:30am Flow YOGA by the SEA accompanied with LIVE KIRTAN MUSIC and enjoy basking in the Transcendental Flow as you move through your yoga asanas. Sisters Patita Pavana and Dee Laborte of Spirit Soul And Friends, will be providing peaceful ambient music and soothing mantra meditation as you flow through your asanas and relax in Savasana.

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